Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New High School Freshman!

This morning we attended Christina's 8th grade graduation. The ceremony went beautifully. I have to say, Christina was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! This is a picture of her with her closest friends. These girls are known as the SMART girls of Whale Branch Middle and is the group all the teachers tell the parents to have their kids hang out with. There is one missing but you'll see her in a sec. This is Mr. Williams. He is the I-Tech teacher and Robotics coach. He met Christina in the 6th grade and has held onto her ever since. In his 36 years of teaching he said she has impressed him the most. :)
This is Christina and her very best friend Leah, the one missing from the top photo. These two are a couple of goof balls when they get together. They aren't afraid to be themselves together. LOL I've witnessed many a burping contest this year! Oh yeah..we're talking real southern flowers here people! LOL!
This is a mural she designed for the wall. She drew it on the wall and some 6th graders helped paint it. She wasn't thrilled with their help. LOL They went out of the lines!
So here she is for the world to see. The newest member of Battery Creek High. Eric and I are so proud of our baby.

P.S. Yes...that is blue hair. LOL Her mom gave it to her as a graduation gift. Yep..that'd be me! :)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A boy's room is his castle..

I was standing in Bubba's room the other morning just glancing around. Actually I was picking up some dirty towels. LOL Anyway, while I looked around I thought to myself..every facet of his personality is displayed in this room. I didn't post all the pictures but here are a few. The pics missing are his gun rack army men and fishing gear.
Well that just goes without saying doesn't it?
His football side, perhaps one of his greatest loves in life. LOL Outside of fishing that is. He's pretty proud of that Rookie of the Year trophy.
This is his pirate cove. I like to think this shows his love of getting into mischief. He does it well you know.
The flag my cousin Bill bought for him. He's deployed to Iraq right now. Bubba has a very deep seeded love and respect for his country and military.
Of course there's the cowboy side. He hasn't been able to ride in quite a while and he misses it. This is what every little boy should be. OUTSIDE! Having fun with his friends, having adventures, chasing little girls with frogs or bugs, exploring and getting into mischief.

Ya gotta love those little men, and as well all know; they don't really change as they get older..they just have to buy bigger pants. All the older little boys I know in Sheldon still love exactly the same things that are on this post. LOL They still want a little space free from the girls, they love their sport, they all like to cowboy up from time to time, yes..they still get into mischief and boy do they love a good day of fishin'! Yeah, they're pretty special. :-D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Now who is that riding off into the sunset? This was a really nice deer track we spied on one of our MANY bike rides. Bubba was pining for his 20 gauge after seeing it. LOL

This is posted per Bubba's request. That is the ONLY reason its on here!! I just proved my love for him. LOL

Monday, May 12, 2008

Family Time

Catie and Aunt Erin at the Mad Hatter being silly.
My favorite cowgirl.
Sheesh! What a motley crew! LOL
Catherine was sooo ready for some lunch and a chair!!

Eric's mom, step dad and sister came to visit a month ago. We took them to Savannah for the day and boy did my m-i-l love it! Had to catch a few shots of them enjoying the Mad Hatter!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Semper Fi

Ok, ok, I realize we have more Army personnel in our little circle than we do Marines but thats alright. ;) I grew up in the Marine Corps so they are near and dear to my heart.

This is my girlfriend Rosy and a few of her guys. Thanks to some very dear friends and family members we were able to send them 23 lbs. of Girl Scout cookies! When I received the pic from Rosy I said...girl, you and the guy on the left look like you're in pain! LOL Send me one of you actually smiling! She is currently deployed to Iraq and hopes to be home next spring. To have fun when she's off duty she umpires for PALS. Shelby and I miss her terribly as she always made great calls during games...even if they weren't in our favor! LOL

Funny how a little box of cookies can make someone far from home smile ya know? This picture is a great reminder of the sacrifice our military is making for us on a daily basis. When is the last time a box of cookies made you sooo excited?

I'm currently putting together another box to send them so if you have a letter or anything you'd like to send to a Marine just get it to me and I'll send it along.

I understand we'll be welcoming home one of our heroes pretty soon! :D Great job LT! More proud than you know bud!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's my baby

You all know Shelby loves her softball. I'm proud to say she's coming even further with her catching. She always gives her team 100%. What mom/coach could ask for more than that?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!! Ya'll!!

Saturday was such a beautiful day I HAD to go outside and plant something! I could resist it no longer! I also had my very good helper. She was repotting her miniature rose plant.